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All Levels Hatha Yoga


Sundays @ 9:00 am 

Thursdays @ 6:30 pm 


The word “hatha” can be translated two ways: as “willful” or “forceful,” or the yoga of activity, and as “sun” (ha) and “moon” (tha), the yoga of balance.


Hatha practices are designed to align and calm your body, mind, and spirit in preparation for meditation.

--yoga journal


Private Individual &

Private Group Sessions

Book a private class for yourself- In a private session we can focus on and cater to your specific needs. 

Book a private group class with your friends and family! A fun way to share time and good energy with each other!

Send me a message to set up a private session!



Yoga for Kids

First Tuesday of the Month

5:30 pm- 6:15 pm


Gentle Yoga

Tuesdays 7:00 - 8:00 pm

Slow, gentle yoga with restorative poses shuffled in. Take your time to move and breathe into your body. 

Vinyasa Yoga with Jill

Thursdays @ 7:15 pm


Vinyasa yoga is a practice that emphasises not only the physical postures (asana) and breath (pranayama) but how we transition from posture to posture using the breath as our guide.


Workshops and Special classes will be posted on our Facebook page--

Give us a like and join in on our journey!

Pregnancy Yoga

Now Offering Private Pre-natal yoga classes!

Send me an email at or send me a message on our facebook page to set up your private class.

$25 per class

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